No More Wired Hangers!

Every time I pick up my dry cleaning I get free wired hangers. What do I do with them… I save them and the next time I go to the cleaners I give them right back. When you use  flimsy metal rods, it ruins the shape of your clothes and frankly just not appealing in your closet. I know that buying wood or fabric hangers can be a costly habit. However, Your closet is full of investment’s so why not take that extra step and help keep your clothes looking new.

I found a websites that you can go to and just start buying a couple every month and start replacing those wired hangers. Send them back to the cleaners and start taking care of your clothes in your closet.  After your closet is full of nice hangers you will gain a new sense of ownership to your closet. is a great place to get started.

wired hangers

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