Crazy About Lilac.

My new color for the Fall season is lilac. I am not talking about the  actual flower.  I am refering to that rich violet that looks fabulous in any light and holds it’s own next to other power colors like blue, red and black.

Lilic is a color that is a pale shade of violet. It might also be described as light purple. The actual color of the flower of some Lilac flowers is a much deeper color, equivalent to the color shown below as deep lilac.

I bought a sweater from Zara that I have been wearing with everything. I wear it over dresses with a high waist belt. I also leave it open with a fun shirt under and pair it with my boyfriend jeans.

Accessorizing is also a huge trend this season. Louis Vuitton did a great job showing off lilac as fun accents with clothes for Fall. Pair a  funky Necklace with your black suit for the office or snazz up that simple black dress in your closet for a night out.


Whatever you have to do to get this color in your closet this season…DO IT!


If you have questions or want me to take you shopping for your Fall wardrobe, Shoot me an e-mail and we can schedule a consultaion  and get you feeling great about getting dressed.

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