No Shorts For The First Lady…

As First Lady Michelle Obama Stepped off Air Force One in the 106 degree Grand Canyon weather wearing shorts there were eyebrows raised in Washington. “To have the first lady look so casual is not appropriate”  Washington Post fashion writer Robin Gihven mentioned on the Today show.

The first family was on their vacation hiking through the Grand Canyon. Should she have been wearing a dress? I believe those shorts were mid thigh and appropriate for this occasion. The Family has put themselves out there as an everyday real family.  You do however  see President Obama wearing nice dark khakis and a button up with his sleeves rolled up. Maybe it would have been better if she wore a pair of Capri’s.

First Lady Obama is always comfortable and confident in what she is wearing. I think that how you carry yourself and how you feel in what you are wearing is key.  She felt great about wearing mid thigh shorts on her family vacation. More power to her.

originalWhat do you think about this up-roar? Is it worth all the commotion?

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