Just Like Us…

I am a big fan of Kim Kardashian .  I am not sure why she is famous or in the lime light, but I love her style.  This evening I came across an old  post on a website that made me feel Little better about how I look.  Some dumb editor at Complex magazine uploaded an un-photo shopped  picture of Kim and  that girl is just like us ladies. She has the bumps like us all.

I think she looks good and she works hard on what she has.  I just thought it was nice to see a celeb who works 24/7 on her body and gets all the treatments yet she still has flaws. I wanted to share this with you so you can appreciate what you have. I do not believe in putting other women down to make myself feel better, however, I can rest easy knowing that still no one is perfect.

I believe this came out back in March 2009 and Kim came out saying that she is glad for this mishap and she doesn’t mind showing the world of her flaws. She is still a confident woman who feels good in her own skin. This should be a lesson  to all you ladies to appreciate all your perfections and imperfections.


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