The Three B’s For Fall…

My favorite accessories for Fall all start with the letter B…Belts, Black Tights, and Boots are my picks for this upcoming seasons must have list.

Let’s start with belts… This season you  need to make it a point to accent your wardrobe with this overlooked accessory. Wearing a thick belt up around your waist with a black dress will narrow your waist and create a slimmer silhouette. You should also try a skinny belt and pair it with with a fun color or Python print to wear with your black suit to make a sassy day at the office. Don’t be conservative when it comes to belts. Try fun colors, animal prints, studs, grommets,textures, thick and thin. Take your everyday jeans and turn them into an updated look with this simple yet important detail. Your last season’s white dress will look great with a studded belt   and transition  perfectly into Fall. 


Black Opaque Tights is making a comeback from the 1960’s when Edie Sedgwick made it a must have staple next to her leotards and minni skirts. It may be to Hot to even think about pairing these with some of your dresses right now at the end of summer, but make sure you pick yourself up a pair so that when the time comes  you will be prepaird to wear them with a super short skirt to create a classy mid thigh silhouette that is appropriate and trendy. Good tip to remember that a nice thick pair of ribbed tights will give you the lengthening effect. If you are daring try that same white dress I mentioned earlier with that fun belt and Black tights to make your outfit pop.

tights174361812AR023_SurfsUpLast but not least Boot’s and Booties are my favorite Fall accessory by far. In the 1960’s the trend started at the mid calf with fun minni skirts. We refer to them now as “go-go boots” cause they were ideal for dancing. This season you are noticing ankle boots and over the knee beauties. Of course the ones that sit right below the knee is a classic style of boot that has been and will continue to stay in trend for years to come. If you can not invest in a over the knee or ankle bootie then put your pennies on a classic black boot. Get a heel that you feel the most comfortable in. You can find a great pair of  flat riding boots that will give a casual yet polished feel. No matter what length or heel height make sure you wear them with your skinny jeans or fun dresses.

Special note…If you are wearing over the knee boots this season pair them with your opaque tights that I told you to have ready in your drawer and wear them with the boots to lengthen your look.


Give these three B’s a shot for Fall. You will not be disappointed and you will look and feel great.


If you want to see more trends for Fall in your closet call TruStyle today and receive a free consultation. Our Personal fashion stylist will work with you so you can start to feel good about getting dressed. (415)713-TRUE or

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