Break Open Your Piggy Bank

I have been putting all my change in a glass bowl for the past few months and it is getting full. I have decided to cash it in and splurge on something fun.

I was told  by a dear friend of mine, that it is good luck to donate 10% of what you have in your money Jar and give it away to your favorite charity,  school bake sale, anything that will help others.

That is exactly what I did. I had over $100 in change and decided to buy a hot dinner for a bum that looked down on his luck and was not begging. I took the rest of my once chump change and turned it into a nice relaxing one hour massage.

I not only felt good from the massage but knew I did something small to make someone else feel good.

Now everyday when you get home and have nowhere to put all this change you have accumulated in your wallet from your day of spending cash.  You have a purpose and a goal to throw it all in a fashionable bowl or in your piggy bank. Start saving  and once it is full make sure you treat your self.  You deserve it!

piggy bank

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