Must Read Book

I just finished an amazing book. It was fun, easy, cheeky and worth the time. “Two Lipsticks And A Lover” by British writer Helena Firth Powell is my pick for November reading.

If you ever wanted to get the insight of how the Parisian women stay effortlessly  fashionable,  skinny and confident then this is the book for you. Unlock your inner French lady with fun tips and tricks of how to be ultra fabulous. 

Author Helena Frith Powell, is a travel and lifestyle journalist who has her own French Mistress column. Her first book Two Lipsticks and a Lover, was published in October 2005. It is time to unlock and unleash the inner essence of becoming a a seductive French Women. This edgy and hilarious guide takes Helena on a journey where she unlocks French secrets and learns:

-> Way’s to have an affair

-> Style tips from French female icons

-> Spending lot’s of money on lingerie to feel sexy

-> Exercise tips without breaking a sweat

-> How seduction must be in the forefront of your mind at all times

-> How French women age with elegance and without botox

Rather if you agree with how they live or not this is a fun read and you will gain tips and tricks no matter what. Just get it read it and fall in love with this months must read. I promise you wont be let down. 


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