Shape Up Those Brows The Right Way…

When I get my eyebrows done I usually go to a brow bar where they use wax and tweezers to give you the shape. I decided to try something that is new to me yet  is an old ancient Indian tradition that has been around forever. I went to a place where they specialized in eyebrow threading.

Not only did they create a new shape to my brows they rejuvenated my entire face. By going to a these ladies they knew what exact arch and thickness would best compliment my face shape. After they were done I looked in the mirror and I was amazed at how great of a job these ladies did. Even Better, There was no wax or guck left on my face. Most women don’t think twice about their eyebrows. I guarantee that once you try it you will see the difference and you will never let it grow wild ever again. The great thing about threading as oppose to waxing is threading hurts less, does not grow back thicker, and it last’s longer. It also is sensitive to women who are on retinae or facial creams. It feel weird at first when They lean you back in the chair and they have three cotton strings one that rest’s between their teeth. Trust me, you will be glad you went the threading route and you will say goodbye to wax on your  face forever. 

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