Really….Shoulder Pads????

I just received an e-mail from a concerned reader who wants to know if big Shoulder pads are back in style. Here is what they wrote…

Dear Casey,

Are shoulder pads coming back? Please, for the love of God’s Pajamas say NOOO!!!
Vote No On Shoulder Pads

Dear Vote No On Shoulder Pads,
I do have to admit that you have been seeing celebrities wearing larger shoulders. However unless you are walking the red carpet and having multiple pictures taken of you this is one flash in the pan trend you can live without. When there is no point to add any volume to your shoulders. This is not the 1980’s where women have to look like line backers in the work place to look powerful nor is it appealing to add volume to your frame. If you look at Kim Kardashian(below) in her red leopard print velvet dress her one shoulder is just a dramatic accent to this dress. When most of us regular women go out we don’t nessarly need that extra drama to an outfit. we just want to look pretty and feel good.
To sum up my final thoughts….This trend is not for everyone. It is not worth investing in and trying to make it work. Know that you can still be fabulous and look amazing without doing those 15 minute trends. Trust me it is ok to leave the shoulder pads at home.

If you have question’s that you want Casey to explain it all. Please e-mail me at

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One thought on “Really….Shoulder Pads????

  1. peterwaffles says:

    Hahaha, i have no fashion sense at all but this was a funny post. Thanks for sharing!

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