Really Kimmmy K???

I try not to pay attention to the Kardashian klan.  Everywhere I turn I see one of the siblings trying to top the other and steel one another spot light. When I found out the sisters were pairing up with BeBe and developing a line for them, I realized that it was only time before they started to dabble in the fashion design business.

Dont get me wrong, I love Kim’s sence of style and I am proud of her for loosing and keeping off the weight she set out to lose. In ways she keeps me motivated to stay on track with my diet and exercise. However,what I saw on the catwalk was fun but  I was not impressed.

The line, which is available later this month in BeBe stores, consisted of basic jerseys, fitted blazers and leather separates devoid of embellishment or the company’s signature bling bling rhinestone branding. Kim Kardashian, who sat front-row, posed for cameras in one of the looks — a gray stretch mini dress under a cropped leather corset — that emphasized the assets for which she is known.

The tight and short silhouette was reiterated throughout, including spandex one-shoulder dresses with side cutouts and a stretch jersey-and-mesh tube dress so short that the model had to adjust the length mid-catwalk.

BeBe reaches a young demographic. Young girls who aspire to be a reality star, could be one of the first in line for this new collection. has pictures of what the girls decided to put in stores. They are all party pieces that are not for everyday use. I think the line is fun but not functional.

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