Cellulite Be-Gone

Make-up Mondays are back-  and I am bringing you a home remedy that will help prevent cellulite. I have heard of this remedy before, and I was a skeptic because I have tried almost everything and nothing worked yet. Dr. Oz had this on his show this morning and here is what he posted on his site.  It is Dr. Oz tested and I am a sucker for that Dr.

Coffee Grinds Scrub for Cellulite:

Method: Combine ½ cup coffee grinds with ¼ cup brown sugar. Place olive oil over areas of cellulite and then rub the rub mix into skin in a circular motion. Scrub for 5 minutes to exfoliate.

Verdict: True! Caffeine can enhance fat metabolism, especially right beneath the skin. It’s easily absorbed when applied directly on the skin. It’s also a diuretic, so it gets some of the fluid out of the fat beneath your skin so that cellulite is less visible. Olive oil is a moisturizer and an emollient, which softens the skin. The brown sugar works as an exfoliate. Although this is not permanent cellulite fix, it’s an effective temporary solution.

Check out more home remedies on Dr. Oz website.

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