Thirsty Thursday…

It’s that time of the week where my weekend plans are coming into play. Which means…A new drink of the week is taking place…

Last weekend I Made a trip into my neibrhood liquor store to buy some Patron and triple sec for a margarita party I was hosting. While I was there a women asked if “I’d be interested in a gin tasting?” Me being a native gin & tonic gal I decided to go ahead. I asked the kind lady “what her favorite drink was with this gin???” with no hesitation she responded “a gin margarita” ummmmm, I thought. Isn’t that made with tequila? She then gave me a recipe that would be a big hit at my party. I went ahead and bought the gin and all her ingredients. Long story short…the Gin-Rita was a huge success. Try it for your self this weekend. You too will see for yourself how fabulous this is. Even if you’re not a fan of gin, you will fall in love with this cocktail. ENJOY…


1 oz. gin

¼ oz. triple sec

Juice of ½ lime


Using a Shaker, shake ingredients with ice.

Muddle 2 slices of cucumber with two ice cubes

Serve in old-fashioned glass rimmed with salt

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