WTF!!! Wednesday…

I went out this weekend to a club around Union Square in NYC. I was hanging with a group of boys and of course they needed to get Pizza at 3am. I only had my IPhone available to take any pictures. The quality is not at it’s best but you get the idea of this lady and what she was wearing at the same club we just came from.

Let’s start with the obvious….

Who in their right mind wears white trainers to a club?  I understand comfort when you are dancing the night away. However, there should be a line drawn when it comes to work out tennis shoes in a club. If guys are not allowed to wear trainers or hats in a club, why aren’t women held to the same caliber?

To make matters worse. This chick was pretending to rock plether shiny leggings. Ummmm, did she not have a full length mirror or what? Did she really put bright white running shoes with spandex?


The leather jacket and denim underlay is fine. I  have no problem with her top half. Even if she was wearing black sleek flats with those shinny plastic things some call pants.  I just can not stand when a lady is wearing club clothes and then thinks it is appropriate to wear bulky trainers.


Dear Ladies, please understand that it is NOT ok to wear trainers when you are going for a night out. It does not matter if they are your most comfortable shoes you own. If you want comfort, take your trainers and go to a movie, gym, mall walk, anything else that does not consist of putting pleather leggings with your fit.

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