Fall In Love Friday…

I need to introduce you to my latest internet obsession… Jessica and Hunter are the most high-larious thing to hit the World Wide Web since celebrity sex tapes…I am not kidding. I usually talk about fashion, trends, tips & tricks but If you are ever having a rough day or need a laugh-sky, This trash talking, booze chugging, powder sniffing, mary-Kate and Ashleys down syndrome siblings are just what the therapist ordered .

I wanted to show you all first hand just how trashy, filthy, and  funny this fabulous tattooed orange gay man and his drunken fruit-fly (fag hag but pretty)  are in action. I think you all will agree that this is AMAZE-BALLZZZ
(their signature phrase)

They are sooooo over the top and I L-O-V-E  all of their shenanigans.

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One thought on “Fall In Love Friday…

  1. rocknbanter says:

    Thank you for bringing this into my life!

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