Trend Tuesday…

Wearing nail polish goes in waves. I can rock my fave new color for weeks at a time and then there are days where I just do not have the time to sit, paint, and let it dry. With Spring here, I need to make sure I keep up with my bi-weekly Manni and Pedi. This is one thing I NEED to make time for.

 I have discovered and grew into this new upcoming trend has been getting my attention. It is where you wear two similar but totally different colors on your nails. It kind of takes me back to when I was in junior high and just discovered how amazing nail polish was and I would paint each nail a different color.

 Lately, I have been painting my thumb’s and ring finger’s Fiesta pink and the other nailsCoralCanyon(Both of these are found at my Fave nail polish site Essie).  From far away you can’t really tell but when you look up close it is a totally noticeable.

 I wore it out the other night and one of my guy friends joked and asked “if I ran out of nail polish?” I then mentioned that he had to look twice before making that silly comment.

I think as long as you keep it in the same color family and not do all black and one white. I found a few Celebrities jumping on my band wagon.

Have fun with it. It is not that huge of a commitment. If you don’t like it, grab nail polish remover and change it.

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