Fall In Love Friday…

What could be a better topic for Fall in Love Friday than the Farytale that is taking place today…

I have not been into the Royal wedding coverage the past few weeks. It has been royal overload. However, this morning when I was watching live coverage of the wedding and saw Kate come out in her McQueen wedding and I could not help but realize I was a little jelly….I mean, Here this common girl (no royal blood) landed her self a flipping Prince. I mean talk about every girls dream. I have been practicing my royal wave since I was 5. I HATE HER!!!!Not really. It is kind of cool realizing that I am the same generation as these kids and kind of an Epic thing that is happening today.

I was having a conversation yesterday with a few folks and one girl mentioned that “she would hate to be Kate’s sister” I chimed in and said, “I would rather be the cool hip sister with a party side, then be the Princess and have to be proper all the time”.  Even though I would be amaze-ballz as a princess, thinking about it, being the hip sis in more my personality. I mean… will you ever hear Kate say “Amaze-Ballz?” didnt think so. I would not be a wild Paris Hilton slutty girl. NO, No, No!!!!  I would be the coolest social-lite around town. Going to all the parties, being an activist to something interesting, Have my own fashion company. You all know me, You know I would be better as the cool sis then the stuffy Pricess. Will is not even 30 and he is already going bald. Looking like his father everyday. I would want to be dating a Futbal play like David Beckham. DUHHHHHH!!!!

Anyways, I wish those two the best of luck and hope that they are both happy, in love and doing it for all the right reasons.  

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