WTF Wednesday…

One word for this weeks WTF Wednesday…KLASSY!!! With a capitol K

There once was a time where I was obsessed with the Real Housewives Phenomenon. That was until they createdNew Jersey. I lost complete interest after that first season. How could one show  be a full family affair except for one crazy x-stripper that everyone hated…Whats the fun in that???

 I was reading my daily “AM-NewYork” this morning and was appalled at one of the ladies new fast cash endeavors.  

Danielle Staub is the one who has been trying to clear her name from rumors of being involved with drug trafficking, human abduction, and prostitution. She even wrote a tell all book that told her side of the story from her past. I can’t even remember or care to share that tittle. NOT a must read!

I unfortunately  read that this women who has been wanting to teach her two tween daughters that the  that basccly life sucks and to get use to it, just signed a three year contract with Scores Gentleman’s club to make guest nudeeee performances. I just want to know how much Scores shelled out for this Gem of a lady? I think anything over tips only is already way to much. I mean It was bound to happen, this coming from a lady that to this day I believe leaked her  own sex-tape.

 Her little girls better be ready to bring $dollar$ bills for lunch money cause this Moma is making a name for herself.

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