Make-up Monday…

A couple of weeks ago I was on a shoot styling and in some down time the fabulous makeup artist who was also on set started applying makeup to my face. After a few seconds of disecting my pours, he developed a look of confusion and disgust. He asked me “how do you take care of my skin?” I am a simple girl , for the past 10 years I have used Proactiv Solutions. It has worked for me this long, why give it up now?  His one eye-brow raised slowly as he cocked his head and asked “what type of face lotion.” I responded,  “I don’t use face cream.” Whe those words come out of my mouth,  I think he almost had a heart attack. After “his” very long speech about how important it is for someone in their late 20’s to start moisturizering, he gave me a list of products and sent me on my way.

Over the past few weeks I have been trying different products. Gathering Information from my sister, or my close friends and colleagues about what they use or suggest.  Here are my thoughts on the ones I have tried so far:

For face cream  I tried Lancome cream Vs. Neutrogena Healthy Skin with spf 15 and I have to say, Neutrogena may be cheaper, but I fell in love with it and recomend it to all you ladies that need to make the first step in moisturizing your face.

I am also using a face serum around my eyes and mouth. I found a brand that I have never heard of  Korres  Quercetin & Oak Vs. StriVectin-TL and even though both came pretty close pretty to tightening the skin and leaving my face refreshed I Chose StriVectin-TL.

It has been 21 days and I can already see and feel a difference. I now relized how important moisturizing your face truly is. I still wash my face with Proactiv but now add face creams to my nightly routine.

Final note: If you are still the “soap and water” gal, be sure you start to include lotion to your face before bed time. The younger you  start this habbit in life  the better you will look.

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