Explain What’s In The Bag

One of my Fave things to do is collect handbags. I justify spending moooolaaaaa on all my babies by looking at them as investment pieces. Let’s be serious on why handbags are soooo amaze-zing…. They carry all things I need in a day. I have been refereed to as having the “Mary Poppins” bag because at any given moment I can pull out almost anything. I have a bag-inside a bag- inside a bag. I love keeping it all organized because I change purses so often. It saves me time and I find things much easier with my system I have perfected.  I have invited you all to take a peek of what I carry around day in and day out.

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One thought on “Explain What’s In The Bag

  1. t33ndr3am says:

    Very nice! I’m seeing so many of these ‘What’s In Your Bag?’ posts on fashion blogs lately, I think I’m going to have to do one! Looks fun 🙂 XOXO

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