Breaking Up Is Hard To Do…

It’s tough going through your own breakups in your personal life. But when you see your fave. couples in Hollywood end things,  it makes you feel doubtful and very vulnerable. They may even leave you questioning love.  I sometimes think,”If they can’t make it work, how am I supposed too?”  I guess when put two sexy successful specimens together in one relationship, the relationship may be doomed. Here Are my top three breakups that ever happened. Sorry TomKat did not make my list. 

This breakup was forever ago but I still have a soft spot for this entire situation. Rumor had it that Angelina slept with all her leading men when on set of her movies. So…It is no surprise that she sought after one of Hollywood’s hottest men. After finishing on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith Brad Pitt ended it with Americas sweetheart Jennifer Aniston and became a father of  what seems like a million kids over night. Bradgalina are now engaged and planning to get married. While poor Jenn is still on the hunt for Mr. Right. Even though she may be getting serious with beau Justin Theroux, things are never what it seems.

The biggest shock of 2012 is when I woke up and read that Seal and Heidi Klum ended their seven-year marriage. They celebrated their nuptials every single year just to prove how in love they were.  I do have to admit… Those two made the cutest kids.  Speculations surfaced that both their careers got in the way of their private life at home.

I know my Twi-hard readers are going kill me but I never understood K-Stew and R-Pats relationship. Frankly, I always thought she was a lesbian. Anyone else thought this?  Nevertheless, Her true colors came through last week when she admitted to sleeping with  Rupert Sanders. The director from Snow White And The Huntsman. Days later reports came out that Rob moved out of their home where they were living as a couple. My heart goes out to Robert for falling in love with a  Promiscuous little firecracker.

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