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Nest Egg In The Sky…

I mean… Talk about setting up shop where you not only have your flagship store, your design studio, but your dream apartment taking up a half a block radius in the hottest neighborhood on the island of Manhattan. If your name is Diane von Furstenberg, then this is your life. The very talented fashion designer is best known for the famous wrap dress and her bold prints.

Every time I make a trip down to the Meatpacking district I can’t help but always look upon Diane’s 6 story brick building and gaze to a stimulating glass-and-steal little nest on the very top of the six story building

The décor inside is inspiration enough for me to update my very own apartment. However, I am still missing the incredible 80 foot that is in the middle of the room.

One of the most inspiring things that DVF has said, that I do my best to abide by is        “I don’t like to talk about my dreams,” she says. “I like to make them happen. I prefer to talk about them when they’re done.”

Readers Digest got a sneak peak in the designer’s oasis.

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Make-up Monday…

A couple of weeks ago I was on a shoot styling and in some down time the fabulous makeup artist who was also on set started applying makeup to my face. After a few seconds of disecting my pours, he developed a look of confusion and disgust. He asked me “how do you take care of my skin?” I am a simple girl , for the past 10 years I have used Proactiv Solutions. It has worked for me this long, why give it up now?  His one eye-brow raised slowly as he cocked his head and asked “what type of face lotion.” I responded,  “I don’t use face cream.” Whe those words come out of my mouth,  I think he almost had a heart attack. After “his” very long speech about how important it is for someone in their late 20’s to start moisturizering, he gave me a list of products and sent me on my way.

Over the past few weeks I have been trying different products. Gathering Information from my sister, or my close friends and colleagues about what they use or suggest.  Here are my thoughts on the ones I have tried so far:

For face cream  I tried Lancome cream Vs. Neutrogena Healthy Skin with spf 15 and I have to say, Neutrogena may be cheaper, but I fell in love with it and recomend it to all you ladies that need to make the first step in moisturizing your face.

I am also using a face serum around my eyes and mouth. I found a brand that I have never heard of  Korres  Quercetin & Oak Vs. StriVectin-TL and even though both came pretty close pretty to tightening the skin and leaving my face refreshed I Chose StriVectin-TL.

It has been 21 days and I can already see and feel a difference. I now relized how important moisturizing your face truly is. I still wash my face with Proactiv but now add face creams to my nightly routine.

Final note: If you are still the “soap and water” gal, be sure you start to include lotion to your face before bed time. The younger you  start this habbit in life  the better you will look.

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Fanny Packs are Back???

The name “fanny pack” originated in the UK. Fanny in the US means tush, fanny across the pond means vagina. Fanny packs reached the peak of their popularity in the late 1980s and early to mid-1990s. Today, fanny packs are considered to be a fashion faux pas. “Weird Al” Yankovic, for instance, mocks the wearing of fanny packs in his song “White and Nerdy.”

That is not stopping some of  top Designers   reintroducing them back into the main stream and giving them a new name. Goodbye fanny, Hello “belt bag”. Some of the top fashionista Celebs are pushing for this trend to catch on. Can fanny packs re-invent themselves and make a bigger comeback then before??? If Mariah Carey can have a mental break down on MTV and then get dropped from her label only to come back bigger then ever… I think the new and improved BELT BAG  has a good chance.

Top designers like  Dolce and Gabbana showcased belt bags all over their Fall 2011 runways. It has come along way from the nylon neon obnoxious color we once saw. You see fine leather, sophisticated styles and not to mention it leaves you hands free all day long.

I have had my signature Gucci Fanny  belt bag that has been in  my bag collection for years. I think I secretly love this trend and will be busting it out and rock it.

Casey’s Side Note:::: All I ask is if you have a pet, please do not feed into this trend and mix the belt bag and pet carrier. This should not have even been created. The dog in this picture looks upset and un-happy. My advice, Do the belt bag trend but please do not include your animals.

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Really Kimmmy K???

I try not to pay attention to the Kardashian klan.  Everywhere I turn I see one of the siblings trying to top the other and steel one another spot light. When I found out the sisters were pairing up with BeBe and developing a line for them, I realized that it was only time before they started to dabble in the fashion design business.

Dont get me wrong, I love Kim’s sence of style and I am proud of her for loosing and keeping off the weight she set out to lose. In ways she keeps me motivated to stay on track with my diet and exercise. However,what I saw on the catwalk was fun but  I was not impressed.

The line, which is available later this month in BeBe stores, consisted of basic jerseys, fitted blazers and leather separates devoid of embellishment or the company’s signature bling bling rhinestone branding. Kim Kardashian, who sat front-row, posed for cameras in one of the looks — a gray stretch mini dress under a cropped leather corset — that emphasized the assets for which she is known.

The tight and short silhouette was reiterated throughout, including spandex one-shoulder dresses with side cutouts and a stretch jersey-and-mesh tube dress so short that the model had to adjust the length mid-catwalk.

BeBe reaches a young demographic. Young girls who aspire to be a reality star, could be one of the first in line for this new collection. has pictures of what the girls decided to put in stores. They are all party pieces that are not for everyday use. I think the line is fun but not functional.

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Really….Shoulder Pads????

I just received an e-mail from a concerned reader who wants to know if big Shoulder pads are back in style. Here is what they wrote…

Dear Casey,

Are shoulder pads coming back? Please, for the love of God’s Pajamas say NOOO!!!
Vote No On Shoulder Pads

Dear Vote No On Shoulder Pads,
I do have to admit that you have been seeing celebrities wearing larger shoulders. However unless you are walking the red carpet and having multiple pictures taken of you this is one flash in the pan trend you can live without. When there is no point to add any volume to your shoulders. This is not the 1980’s where women have to look like line backers in the work place to look powerful nor is it appealing to add volume to your frame. If you look at Kim Kardashian(below) in her red leopard print velvet dress her one shoulder is just a dramatic accent to this dress. When most of us regular women go out we don’t nessarly need that extra drama to an outfit. we just want to look pretty and feel good.
To sum up my final thoughts….This trend is not for everyone. It is not worth investing in and trying to make it work. Know that you can still be fabulous and look amazing without doing those 15 minute trends. Trust me it is ok to leave the shoulder pads at home.

If you have question’s that you want Casey to explain it all. Please e-mail me at

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Just Like Us…

I am a big fan of Kim Kardashian .  I am not sure why she is famous or in the lime light, but I love her style.  This evening I came across an old  post on a website that made me feel Little better about how I look.  Some dumb editor at Complex magazine uploaded an un-photo shopped  picture of Kim and  that girl is just like us ladies. She has the bumps like us all.

I think she looks good and she works hard on what she has.  I just thought it was nice to see a celeb who works 24/7 on her body and gets all the treatments yet she still has flaws. I wanted to share this with you so you can appreciate what you have. I do not believe in putting other women down to make myself feel better, however, I can rest easy knowing that still no one is perfect.

I believe this came out back in March 2009 and Kim came out saying that she is glad for this mishap and she doesn’t mind showing the world of her flaws. She is still a confident woman who feels good in her own skin. This should be a lesson  to all you ladies to appreciate all your perfections and imperfections.


If you want to get a full makeover from Tru Style Image Consultants, e-mail us today to set up your free consultation. Start feeling good about getting dressed.

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No Shorts For The First Lady…

As First Lady Michelle Obama Stepped off Air Force One in the 106 degree Grand Canyon weather wearing shorts there were eyebrows raised in Washington. “To have the first lady look so casual is not appropriate”  Washington Post fashion writer Robin Gihven mentioned on the Today show.

The first family was on their vacation hiking through the Grand Canyon. Should she have been wearing a dress? I believe those shorts were mid thigh and appropriate for this occasion. The Family has put themselves out there as an everyday real family.  You do however  see President Obama wearing nice dark khakis and a button up with his sleeves rolled up. Maybe it would have been better if she wore a pair of Capri’s.

First Lady Obama is always comfortable and confident in what she is wearing. I think that how you carry yourself and how you feel in what you are wearing is key.  She felt great about wearing mid thigh shorts on her family vacation. More power to her.

originalWhat do you think about this up-roar? Is it worth all the commotion?

If you are planning a vacation and need help packing, shoot me an e-mail today for your free consultation and  feel easy about your trip…

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