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Extra, Extra, RED All About It..

Attention Ladies, Fashionistas, Shopaholics, Movers, and Shakers,

I am here to tell all of you that the statement color I am seeing and wearing all over the place is RED.  You can wear red any day, anytime, and any occasion.  I picked out some of my fave pieces in the Red family that will have you looking on point every minute of everyday. Fall is the perfect time to wear such a statement color. Even if you think you can’t pull red off. I know you can still get yourself a fierce accessory.  A handbag or a pair of shoes will keep you on point this season.  No excuses not to be wearing this seasons HOTTEST hue.

Even my homegirl on my wall at the office is rocking her Red floral dress. She could stand to use some pigmentation in her skin or even a lil hair color.  I really can’t judge because she is bringing it everyday to the office…

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Get The Boot…

Boots are my absolute fave. thing to buy for Fall. That’s why I’m excited to go on “le tour de web” and pick out my must haves this season.

The biggest trends still going strong this season are embellishments, motorcycle, ankle, and knee. Now is the time to invest in your ED (everyday) boot for Fall. And why not treat yourself to one that will make you feel amazing every time you slip it on.

Here is a sample platter of what you will be seeing me rock this year.

1.Balenciaga is killing it with these tough luxe downtown cool cutout boots.

2.Vince Camuto makes some pretty rad motorcycle boots for a decent price.

3.I can go crazy over MiuMiu sometimes. That small metal toe detail in the front, Drives me bananas.

4. So much love for Isabel Marant. These may be over the top. But pair these with the right outfit, and you will be a stunner for sure.

5. Simple EDs (every-days) by Acne that will give you the ultra chic-ness to your wardrobe.

6. I will admit Steve Madden nailed it with these shit-kicken bandit boots. 

7. I have been craving bows for Fall and who else would I turn to then Valentino to have the perfect mullet boot around. You know, business in the front. Bow Party in the back. these babies also come with a heel as well.

8. the perfect boot for any occasion this season. sleek yet simple. For under $270, you can add these to your closet and not have that buyers remorse I always hear women talking about.

9. LOVE these neutral ankle boots by Sam Edelman. With it having a stacked thick heel, you will gain the height while you have the comfort.

10. Investment of the season. As you all may know, I am a sucker for beige. That is why these Mulberry’s will be my splurge of the season.

11. who doesn’t want a little fringe in their life?  These will add some fun to your outfit without looking all crazy. and with them being under $200, I am sure we can manage these in our Fall budget.

12. Last but not least me newest lover. Rag and Bone classic Harrow bootie in the black suede with contrasting brown strap leaves me breathless every time I just glance at these babies.

I hope I have helped you come closer to finding your boots for Fall. I know I just made it that more difficult for myself as I debate which ones exactly I need to get and want to get.

As you know, if any of you need styling advice as to what you can wear with these boots. I am only an email away. You tell me what you boot you are thinking about and I will gives you looks you can pull off.

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Back to School…

Remember the days of going back to school was the best part about summer. Of course after a week in, the novelty wears off and you already went through your new school clothes. Now a days, all of our days are running together we don’t have summer to spend with friends or gearing up going back to school.

I am here to introduce a new rule. I have made the decision to go back to school shopping for myself this year. Just because I am no longer in school does not mean I have to give up my favorite pastime.  I put together two looks that I know will mix and match everything I already own in my closet.

My first look is my  “Working Girl Chic” Something that every 9-5 lady can put on in the morning and feel refined all day long.  Instead Of a new backpack I would need an iPad case and will be trading in my  lace-up Chuck Taylors, for Givenchy heels.

My other look that fits my alter-ego personalty. I call this look “Classic on Acid”  Something a little more edgier but still sophisticated. All the kids on the playground will be either envious of me or intimidated of how kick ass I will look.

Both of these outfits cost well into the thousands of dollars range. However the great thing about back to school shopping when you are my age, is that you will not be growing out of your clothes in 6 months. These are all investment pieces that you will have in your closet for years to come. Who said going back to school is a drag?

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Makeup Monday…

I found the best home remedy to help pull out toxins from your body and skin. I tried it this weekend and now I must pass it along to you. After a long weekend of having fun,  it’s time to get it out of your system and start your week on a healthy and happy note…

Tonight, I suggest to take a bath. Use a combination of epsom salt, sea salt and baking soda into a nice warm bath. This will pull toxins from your skin while you are resting your mind from the rest of the world.

Go head and treat yourself to some much needed  R&R and detoxify your skin while you are at it.


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Smelling Right By Tonight…

I was walking in one of my favorite department stores this weekend and decided to peruse the fragrance counter. One of the sales girls introduced me to my new best friend this summer.  Prada has out a mix of  blood orange and tuberose infusion perfume.  It is the cleanest scent I have been longing for all summer long. I usually stick to my signature scent that I have been wearing for years. However, I think now is the time to change to  something that is perfect for me to use for the rest of the summer.

My advice is to head to your favorite department store and try Prada’s “Infusion de Tubereuse” for yourself and see if this summer scent is right for you.  If not… Talk to one of the department experts and find your new signature smell. Good Luck and HAPPY SMELLING.

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Robe It Up…

I have discovered from freezing in my San Francisco Apartment that a robe is my new key essential garment to have around this winter. Imagine wrapping up fashionably tight after showers, cold mornings, or nightly baths. You will not regret investing in a Silk, Cotton, Velvet or cashmere wrap around robe that will keep you warm and confident. Just think (God forbid) if for some reason you had to leave your home unexpectedly during the morning or night, you would look fabulous, put together and warm. If you do invest in a robe please stay away from the terry cloth killers. They make any women’s shape look 15 pounds heavier and Not to mention un-flattering to your figure and the new fabulous you.

I found this velvet robe at Nordstrom…


I found these light weight little numbers at Victoria Secret  online…

Victoria Secret

Give me my robe, put on my crown; I have immortal longings in me.-Cleopatra from Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra

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Must Read Book

I just finished an amazing book. It was fun, easy, cheeky and worth the time. “Two Lipsticks And A Lover” by British writer Helena Firth Powell is my pick for November reading.

If you ever wanted to get the insight of how the Parisian women stay effortlessly  fashionable,  skinny and confident then this is the book for you. Unlock your inner French lady with fun tips and tricks of how to be ultra fabulous. 

Author Helena Frith Powell, is a travel and lifestyle journalist who has her own French Mistress column. Her first book Two Lipsticks and a Lover, was published in October 2005. It is time to unlock and unleash the inner essence of becoming a a seductive French Women. This edgy and hilarious guide takes Helena on a journey where she unlocks French secrets and learns:

-> Way’s to have an affair

-> Style tips from French female icons

-> Spending lot’s of money on lingerie to feel sexy

-> Exercise tips without breaking a sweat

-> How seduction must be in the forefront of your mind at all times

-> How French women age with elegance and without botox

Rather if you agree with how they live or not this is a fun read and you will gain tips and tricks no matter what. Just get it read it and fall in love with this months must read. I promise you wont be let down. 


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Break Open Your Piggy Bank

I have been putting all my change in a glass bowl for the past few months and it is getting full. I have decided to cash it in and splurge on something fun.

I was told  by a dear friend of mine, that it is good luck to donate 10% of what you have in your money Jar and give it away to your favorite charity,  school bake sale, anything that will help others.

That is exactly what I did. I had over $100 in change and decided to buy a hot dinner for a bum that looked down on his luck and was not begging. I took the rest of my once chump change and turned it into a nice relaxing one hour massage.

I not only felt good from the massage but knew I did something small to make someone else feel good.

Now everyday when you get home and have nowhere to put all this change you have accumulated in your wallet from your day of spending cash.  You have a purpose and a goal to throw it all in a fashionable bowl or in your piggy bank. Start saving  and once it is full make sure you treat your self.  You deserve it!

piggy bank

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The Naughty Shirley Cocktail

It’s Happy Hour!!! You are not sure what to order… You don’t want wine and beer can be so fating. I have found the solution. I am sure it has been done  but I have never heard about it and there for I named it The Naughty Shirley. It’s a twist on the Shirley Temple  drink we all know and love as a childhood drink but better and stronger.  Mix Raspberry vodka sprite or 7up with a splash of grenadine garnished with a cherry.

This is a refreshing beverage you should have on hand next time you have the girls over. Or when you have a ladies night order a round relax and enjoy.


3oz Raspberry Vodka (2 shots of raz. vodka)

7oz Sprite or 7up (4 1/2 shots of soda)

Splash grenadine

garnish it off with a cherry



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Treat Yourself This Week…

Take One hour out of your day this week and head to the nail salon and get a Mani/Pedi. Don’t make excuses of why you can’t take time out for you. Trust me that hour of relaxation will be gratifying to give you enough energy to make it through next week. Getting your nails and Toes done isn’t a bad perk either.

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