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Makeup Monday…

All about beauty tips every Monday.
I was inspired over the weekend to talk about Lip-Liner. I love liner. I do not wear it all the time, but when I want to have more of a defined lips, I make sure to pull out sharpener and get it ready.
Over the weekend I was at a party where I knew no one and there for I was talking to everyone. I happen to stumble across the cutest college kid. We made small talk for a bit. but, I could not help but look at her lips. This 5 foot nothing petite little things lip-liner was taking over her entire face and distracting me from the rest of her beautiful features. I wanted to grab her hand take her into the neatest bathroom and give her a lesson on how to apply and wear liner and lipstick.
This is why I wanted to make sure I give the lip-liner 101 to you all. It is super easy to just blend your liner and lipstick together. It will enhance your lips and not distract from your beauty.

Step one:
Apply lip liner to outline your lip. If you think by going outside you actual lip line will make them appear bigger… You are sooooooo wrong. You will end up looking like BOBO the clown.

Step two:
This step is the secret tool to blending liner and lipstick. Put on your lipstick on horizontal instead of vertical. I use a lipstick brush to make sure I my lips are even. However, either a brush or your actual stick will work great. Just do it like you would brushing your teeth, up and down not side to side.

Step three:
After applying your lipstick HORIZONTAL, Blot your lips and apply your lipstick one more time. It sounds tedious to be  blotting and re-applying. By doing this will help your lipstick last longer on your lips.

Final Step:
Apply lip gloss, MAC glass, or what I use Carmex to give a shine kissable look.

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Packing Up For A Weekend Away…

Its Monday and Memorial day weekend is days away… What are you going to need without weighing yourself down? When packing for a trip outside the city you need to realize that packing light is the key. It is also important that you make sure you have everything you need for any occasion. This is why I created a list for myself to make sure I cover all my basis for the up-and-coming Holiday weekend.



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Cellulite Be-Gone

Make-up Mondays are back-  and I am bringing you a home remedy that will help prevent cellulite. I have heard of this remedy before, and I was a skeptic because I have tried almost everything and nothing worked yet. Dr. Oz had this on his show this morning and here is what he posted on his site.  It is Dr. Oz tested and I am a sucker for that Dr.

Coffee Grinds Scrub for Cellulite:

Method: Combine ½ cup coffee grinds with ¼ cup brown sugar. Place olive oil over areas of cellulite and then rub the rub mix into skin in a circular motion. Scrub for 5 minutes to exfoliate.

Verdict: True! Caffeine can enhance fat metabolism, especially right beneath the skin. It’s easily absorbed when applied directly on the skin. It’s also a diuretic, so it gets some of the fluid out of the fat beneath your skin so that cellulite is less visible. Olive oil is a moisturizer and an emollient, which softens the skin. The brown sugar works as an exfoliate. Although this is not permanent cellulite fix, it’s an effective temporary solution.

Check out more home remedies on Dr. Oz website.

Check out TruChicSF.com

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How To Have Long Lasting Lip Color…

Watch while I show you step by step tips on how to apply and have long lasting lipstick from early morning well into the evening.

Brought to you by, TruChic your go to image consulting firm in Northern California.

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Claudia Schiffer’s Beauty Secret Revealed

I am a huge advocate of drinking lot’s and lot’s of water through out the day. It rejuvinates your skin. I always say… A  liter a day will help your bad skin stay away. However, I was recently reading the Instyle makeover edititon and Claudia Schiffer mentioned  that along with water peppermint tea also helps give your  skin that natural fabulous glow. 

I have been drinking this peppermint tea all week and I must say I do feel a difference. Not to mention it tastes so good. I would recommend substituting  the morning coffee for this new hidden beauty treasure. 


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