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Makeup Monday…

All about beauty tips every Monday.
I was inspired over the weekend to talk about Lip-Liner. I love liner. I do not wear it all the time, but when I want to have more of a defined lips, I make sure to pull out sharpener and get it ready.
Over the weekend I was at a party where I knew no one and there for I was talking to everyone. I happen to stumble across the cutest college kid. We made small talk for a bit. but, I could not help but look at her lips. This 5 foot nothing petite little things lip-liner was taking over her entire face and distracting me from the rest of her beautiful features. I wanted to grab her hand take her into the neatest bathroom and give her a lesson on how to apply and wear liner and lipstick.
This is why I wanted to make sure I give the lip-liner 101 to you all. It is super easy to just blend your liner and lipstick together. It will enhance your lips and not distract from your beauty.

Step one:
Apply lip liner to outline your lip. If you think by going outside you actual lip line will make them appear bigger… You are sooooooo wrong. You will end up looking like BOBO the clown.

Step two:
This step is the secret tool to blending liner and lipstick. Put on your lipstick on horizontal instead of vertical. I use a lipstick brush to make sure I my lips are even. However, either a brush or your actual stick will work great. Just do it like you would brushing your teeth, up and down not side to side.

Step three:
After applying your lipstick HORIZONTAL, Blot your lips and apply your lipstick one more time. It sounds tedious to be  blotting and re-applying. By doing this will help your lipstick last longer on your lips.

Final Step:
Apply lip gloss, MAC glass, or what I use Carmex to give a shine kissable look.

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Switching The Bags

Having the “IT” bag can create a WOW factor to any outfit. I have a fun collection of handbags that I like to switch out at least seven times a week. The hardest part about doing that is I collect and carry around a bunch of  junk that I may not need every day but I always  have on hand just incase.  I got so tired of cleaning out my purse every time I wanted to trade all my stuff from  one  handbag to another.

I decided to make it easier for myself and turn a cosmetic case into  my carry all. In that case I have everything from my carmex, mirror, pen, safety pins, hair ties, finger nail clipper, and my secret emergency $50 stashed cash. I also keep a journal for daily thoughts and creative Ideas. Along with my wallet, I only transfer 3 items from one purse to another. My life is easier now to be fashionable  everyday.  I found some great cases that you should invest in to make it easier for you to be fabulous.

Shopstyle.com has a large assortment of all kinds of toiletry cases that fit into any handbag.  Just one click away to get your handbag organized and easy to transfer all your necessary and unnecessary junk.


This is  a faster way for you  to take the fuss out of  switching your handbags.

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