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One Dress three moods

Its that time of year where your schedule gets filled up by  Holiday parties.  I never know what mood I’m feeling until I go to my closet. Accessories can transform any dress.  That is why I created three different vibes that you can execute with only a pair of shoes and a single item of jewelry.


1. Emilio Pucci Bracelet. Antonio Berardi heels.

2. Lanvin Earrings. Christian Louboutin heels.

3. Gucci statement necklace. Sophia Webster heels.

Find variations at any price or go straight right to the source net-a-porter

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WTF!!!! Wednesday…

This is the day that I share my own WTF moments here in the streets of NYC. This week I could not help but share my recent encounter with a Sr. Cougar (Women who is older than the typical cougars)

I think she is beyond ridiculous but kind of in a good way. From the shoes to the faux fur to the hair band. I am not kidding her  purse was in cheetah print too. Don’t even get me started on her bleached nest of a bun and over sized shades. This women pulled out no stops this morning. I have but on word…Meeeeooowwwww!!!!! This truly is going to be a Purrrrfect Wednesday.

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Fashion Faux Paus That Should Be Broken For Fall

Who knows where these rules come from to begin with. No white pants or shoes after labor day, mixing patterns or clashing colors is a no no, You cant wear denim on denim….Well.. maybe you should not  put denims together quit yet.  you should keep following and not wear head to toe denim but this season I am going to tell you three rules that you have to break and be fabulous. Trust me I am already breaking  these rules and I am feeling liberated and looking fresh.

1. SILVER AND GOLD: I remember the day when if you were wearing gold earrings it had to be matched with gold bracelet , necklace, handbag. Not anymore. Mix it up and don’t be afraid wear your sterling silver watch with gold bangles. Designers like John Hardy and Kathy Kamie are mixing silver and gold in all their pieces to make it easier to match. Even if it’s not mixed on single pieces like the designers get in your jewelry box and start mixing it all together.

JohnHardy_position1_v1_m56577569831431081John Hardy


2.BLACK AND BLUE: I remember when I was younger my mother said I looked like a bruise when I tried to wear black and blue together in a single outfit. This Fall you see it everywhere. I just bought a pair of shoes by L’Autre Chose that are black with a blue ribbon on the front. I can wear them with Jeans and black shirt. I also bought these blue suede sandals by Tibi  and wore them the other night with black skinny jeans and a nave blue sweater.  I am so relieved that I can rock black and blue together. It looks chic and so darling. If you feel weird about it…Don’t… I say… Just do it!!!Trust me….Black and Blue will work for you!


3. OPEN TOE WITH TIGHTS: One of my oldest pet peeves is when I see ladies with the seam of their tights poking through their open toe shoes .  As long as you place the seam under your foot I think wearing your opaque tights with your sassy peep toes are all good.  It makes that shoe more wearable as you enter into Fall.


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Nude Shoe’s Works wonders…

For the past few months I have been obsessing over nude shoe’s. I have now bought flats, heels and sandals all in a beige tone that blend with my skin. I have replaced my black and brown  shoes with nude. When I went out to dinner last week  I put on my basic black dress that is and should be a staple piece in every woman’s closet. Instead of pairing them with a basic black pair of stilettos I decided to wear my round toe patent nude pumps I bout at Aldo for less then $100.00 and it changed the whole look of my outfit. Nude accessories specifically shoes are  a really big trend right now but it also  elongates your legs. I am not lying when I say it  makes you look like you have legs for days.   You will  be surprised at how much you can wear from your closet with beige skin color shoes.

The secret to looking lean and long is truly a pair of nude pumps. I suggest in investing in a pair and start pairing them with everything. I am looking into buying some nude  heels from top designers like Christian Louboutin or Bally and make a bigger investment cause I know these will be in my wardrobe for years to come.

christian-louboutin-nude-pumps Look at this picture with the lady wearing an above the knee Red dress with nude pumps. It shows that her legs look longer and leaner.  Her gold accessories  give it a fun sassy touch.


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