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Makeup Monday…

All about beauty tips every Monday.
I was inspired over the weekend to talk about Lip-Liner. I love liner. I do not wear it all the time, but when I want to have more of a defined lips, I make sure to pull out sharpener and get it ready.
Over the weekend I was at a party where I knew no one and there for I was talking to everyone. I happen to stumble across the cutest college kid. We made small talk for a bit. but, I could not help but look at her lips. This 5 foot nothing petite little things lip-liner was taking over her entire face and distracting me from the rest of her beautiful features. I wanted to grab her hand take her into the neatest bathroom and give her a lesson on how to apply and wear liner and lipstick.
This is why I wanted to make sure I give the lip-liner 101 to you all. It is super easy to just blend your liner and lipstick together. It will enhance your lips and not distract from your beauty.

Step one:
Apply lip liner to outline your lip. If you think by going outside you actual lip line will make them appear bigger… You are sooooooo wrong. You will end up looking like BOBO the clown.

Step two:
This step is the secret tool to blending liner and lipstick. Put on your lipstick on horizontal instead of vertical. I use a lipstick brush to make sure I my lips are even. However, either a brush or your actual stick will work great. Just do it like you would brushing your teeth, up and down not side to side.

Step three:
After applying your lipstick HORIZONTAL, Blot your lips and apply your lipstick one more time. It sounds tedious to be  blotting and re-applying. By doing this will help your lipstick last longer on your lips.

Final Step:
Apply lip gloss, MAC glass, or what I use Carmex to give a shine kissable look.

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Nest Egg In The Sky…

I mean… Talk about setting up shop where you not only have your flagship store, your design studio, but your dream apartment taking up a half a block radius in the hottest neighborhood on the island of Manhattan. If your name is Diane von Furstenberg, then this is your life. The very talented fashion designer is best known for the famous wrap dress and her bold prints.

Every time I make a trip down to the Meatpacking district I can’t help but always look upon Diane’s 6 story brick building and gaze to a stimulating glass-and-steal little nest on the very top of the six story building

The décor inside is inspiration enough for me to update my very own apartment. However, I am still missing the incredible 80 foot that is in the middle of the room.

One of the most inspiring things that DVF has said, that I do my best to abide by is        “I don’t like to talk about my dreams,” she says. “I like to make them happen. I prefer to talk about them when they’re done.”

Readers Digest got a sneak peak in the designer’s oasis.

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Holiday Window Drooling…

As I Sashayed down 5th Avenue this afternoon, I stumbled by the Bergdorf Goodman holiday windows. WOW-ZERRR!!!!! Didn’t expect anything less from them.

A small dose of what I was drooling over….Image


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My Steals & Deals…

This past week I waited in line for an hour in the rain to feast my eyes and shopping fangs on deals at the Alexander Wang sample sale in NYC. When I got to the front of the line I only had 30 minuets inside before they closed the doors for the night. I first found a gorgeous peacock-blue knit jacket that is cut hight in the back. It is oversized and is stunning. I found it on the ground in a pile of rubbish. As I was in line waiting to pay I noticed a cream oversized knit sweater on a rack  alone. I quickly through it over my blouse and it felt like the perfect fit.

Today I decided to go shopping in my closet and pair my new-found items with other things that I already own. Here are my fave outfits,

I paired this Alexander Wang Blazer with a fun floral dress and a striped belt I bought last season at Forever 21. I then decided to keep it casual and pulled out some sandals that I bought at a the cutest  local boutique in he Upper West Side called ShiShi. Keeping my accessories simple I added my new Michael Kors double wrap watch I bought from Net-A-Porter.com. This jacket is very easy to mix and match everything in my closet and it was the a great steal!

Second, I decided to pair my oversized sweater with a floral maxi skirt and chunky heeled sandals. With the skirt being so busy I found a simple pendent to  necklace that I found in my jewelry box that  I got from a local designer in San Francisco Jennifer Tuton. I know this sweater will be a great transition piece in Fall. I know I will get a lot of use from this amazing deal I got.

Sample Sales are one of my fave things to do now that I live in New York. Especially  when they are my fave designers.

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WTF Wednesday…

One word for this weeks WTF Wednesday…KLASSY!!! With a capitol K

There once was a time where I was obsessed with the Real Housewives Phenomenon. That was until they createdNew Jersey. I lost complete interest after that first season. How could one show  be a full family affair except for one crazy x-stripper that everyone hated…Whats the fun in that???

 I was reading my daily “AM-NewYork” this morning and was appalled at one of the ladies new fast cash endeavors.  

Danielle Staub is the one who has been trying to clear her name from rumors of being involved with drug trafficking, human abduction, and prostitution. She even wrote a tell all book that told her side of the story from her past. I can’t even remember or care to share that tittle. NOT a must read!

I unfortunately  read that this women who has been wanting to teach her two tween daughters that the  that basccly life sucks and to get use to it, just signed a three year contract with Scores Gentleman’s club to make guest nudeeee performances. I just want to know how much Scores shelled out for this Gem of a lady? I think anything over tips only is already way to much. I mean It was bound to happen, this coming from a lady that to this day I believe leaked her  own sex-tape.

 Her little girls better be ready to bring $dollar$ bills for lunch money cause this Moma is making a name for herself.

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Another WTF!!! Wednesday….

 I was reading the paper  and came across an odd article that informed me of another business opening up… The name of this wacky new venture is “Stuffed In The City.”  It is a NYC tour company  that caters to driving your stuffed animals around the city. I am not kidding…This tour company will pick up your toys, drive them around Manhattan and take pictures of your fluffy friends at the cities landmarks. They will then deliver your toys and pictures back to you when the tour is over.

After looking at the site, I have to admit…The pictures are pretty darn cute. If you don’t live in New York and you want to give a creative gift to your kids or anyone with a non-speaking friend, then this could be just what you are looking for. I don’t think I would ever pay for anything like this, but  if you have a few extra dollars around or need a bright idea for a present, this is the perfect place to do it.      

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WTF!!! Wednesday…

I went out this weekend to a club around Union Square in NYC. I was hanging with a group of boys and of course they needed to get Pizza at 3am. I only had my IPhone available to take any pictures. The quality is not at it’s best but you get the idea of this lady and what she was wearing at the same club we just came from.

Let’s start with the obvious….

Who in their right mind wears white trainers to a club?  I understand comfort when you are dancing the night away. However, there should be a line drawn when it comes to work out tennis shoes in a club. If guys are not allowed to wear trainers or hats in a club, why aren’t women held to the same caliber?

To make matters worse. This chick was pretending to rock plether shiny leggings. Ummmm, did she not have a full length mirror or what? Did she really put bright white running shoes with spandex?


The leather jacket and denim underlay is fine. I  have no problem with her top half. Even if she was wearing black sleek flats with those shinny plastic things some call pants.  I just can not stand when a lady is wearing club clothes and then thinks it is appropriate to wear bulky trainers.


Dear Ladies, please understand that it is NOT ok to wear trainers when you are going for a night out. It does not matter if they are your most comfortable shoes you own. If you want comfort, take your trainers and go to a movie, gym, mall walk, anything else that does not consist of putting pleather leggings with your fit.

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