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Its a Jay Z Christmas over at Barneys NY

Mr. Shawn (jay Z) Carter has teamed up with Barneys New York for this seasons Holiday extravaganza.  Jay Z mentioned that he wanted to create a true New York Holiday vibe.  According to WWD, this limited edition Holiday collection will be a hoodie from Rick Owens, Lanvin tailored jacket, a duffel bag from Proenza Schouler, and more. nothing says NY Holiday like Lanvin and Rick Owens. Right? I can imagine in the charmed life of JayZ. Drop date has been leaked for  November 20th launch date approaches. 




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Nest Egg In The Sky…

I mean… Talk about setting up shop where you not only have your flagship store, your design studio, but your dream apartment taking up a half a block radius in the hottest neighborhood on the island of Manhattan. If your name is Diane von Furstenberg, then this is your life. The very talented fashion designer is best known for the famous wrap dress and her bold prints.

Every time I make a trip down to the Meatpacking district I can’t help but always look upon Diane’s 6 story brick building and gaze to a stimulating glass-and-steal little nest on the very top of the six story building

The décor inside is inspiration enough for me to update my very own apartment. However, I am still missing the incredible 80 foot that is in the middle of the room.

One of the most inspiring things that DVF has said, that I do my best to abide by is        “I don’t like to talk about my dreams,” she says. “I like to make them happen. I prefer to talk about them when they’re done.”

Readers Digest got a sneak peak in the designer’s oasis.

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Holiday Window Drooling…

As I Sashayed down 5th Avenue this afternoon, I stumbled by the Bergdorf Goodman holiday windows. WOW-ZERRR!!!!! Didn’t expect anything less from them.

A small dose of what I was drooling over….Image


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Another WTF!!! Wednesday….

 I was reading the paper  and came across an odd article that informed me of another business opening up… The name of this wacky new venture is “Stuffed In The City.”  It is a NYC tour company  that caters to driving your stuffed animals around the city. I am not kidding…This tour company will pick up your toys, drive them around Manhattan and take pictures of your fluffy friends at the cities landmarks. They will then deliver your toys and pictures back to you when the tour is over.

After looking at the site, I have to admit…The pictures are pretty darn cute. If you don’t live in New York and you want to give a creative gift to your kids or anyone with a non-speaking friend, then this could be just what you are looking for. I don’t think I would ever pay for anything like this, but  if you have a few extra dollars around or need a bright idea for a present, this is the perfect place to do it.      

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