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Run-Down Of 2013

What can I say… 2013 was a Grand year all around From Politics to Celebrity babies.  In my last few hours of this fab year as I say goodbye, I am sharing some of my fave moments that happened…

Starting off with the inauguration of Barack Obama. Entering the White House for his second term. I never, EVER talk about Politics but Obama is known as the “Peoples” President. Polls have been up and down through out this year based on his crew’s decisions and policies but I am not going into that at all. The one thing that stuck out the most about our President was his selfie moment  at Nelson Mandela’s Funeral. Was it in bad taste for taking a selfie at his funeral? You decide.  You know if he has a twitter he is defiantly a selfie enthusiast.


Speaking of Selfie’s… This was a 2013 phenomenon. Instagram exploded and the selfie gates opened. I personally love me a selfie in the right setting. However, some people took it a little toooooo far. For example, Geraldo Rivera or Kim Kardashian showing she got her pre baby body back (you be the judge). Love them or hate them,  Selfies were huge. I’ll admit my instagram has a few selfie pics and a even a selfie video (that was later made into a parody).


Red Carpet fashion was a solid win this year in my opinion. My WOW Women this past year…


Peek-A-Boo was on trend and all over the red carpets as Celebs left very little to ones imagination. Not going to lie… hands down my fave trend of 2013. I mean…If you got it, Flaunt it. Right?


Congrats to the ladies who’s men put a ring on it this year. And not just a ring… ROCKS! I guess Congrats to the lucky men as well   who spent a pretty penny on their ladies and making them my top WOWZER Rings of 2013.  From Bradgalina and Jennifer Aniston to Kim Kardashian’s cheesy proposal, Ciara’s birthday surprise and obvs my fave Gabriel Union’s 8.5 carat. All these ladies have something to Love and cherish  from that special question they all received from 2013.


This year would never be the same without Queen Beyonce’s Surprise album. With only dropping just a few weeks ago this Album has already reached the highest selling record on ITunes. Not bad for an entire album that had no prior singles or advertising. Goes to show just how major that Mrs. Carter is.


Thanks to Miley making it mainstream, One Word… TWERK!


Top 10 Singles that we all grooved and twerked toooo this year…


Top 10 Movies I didn’t see. But most of you did. Thats why it made this list from IMBD.


I could go on for days trying to cover how insane 2013 was. But I have to start getting ready for New Years Eve. Say one last goodbye to 2013. BYEEEEEEEE.  Hello 2014!  Make next year be more about your success, family, friends, relationships, and Paying it forward. Always!

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No Shorts For The First Lady…

As First Lady Michelle Obama Stepped off Air Force One in the 106 degree Grand Canyon weather wearing shorts there were eyebrows raised in Washington. “To have the first lady look so casual is not appropriate”  Washington Post fashion writer Robin Gihven mentioned on the Today show.

The first family was on their vacation hiking through the Grand Canyon. Should she have been wearing a dress? I believe those shorts were mid thigh and appropriate for this occasion. The Family has put themselves out there as an everyday real family.  You do however  see President Obama wearing nice dark khakis and a button up with his sleeves rolled up. Maybe it would have been better if she wore a pair of Capri’s.

First Lady Obama is always comfortable and confident in what she is wearing. I think that how you carry yourself and how you feel in what you are wearing is key.  She felt great about wearing mid thigh shorts on her family vacation. More power to her.

originalWhat do you think about this up-roar? Is it worth all the commotion?

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