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Makeup Monday…

All about beauty tips every Monday.
I was inspired over the weekend to talk about Lip-Liner. I love liner. I do not wear it all the time, but when I want to have more of a defined lips, I make sure to pull out sharpener and get it ready.
Over the weekend I was at a party where I knew no one and there for I was talking to everyone. I happen to stumble across the cutest college kid. We made small talk for a bit. but, I could not help but look at her lips. This 5 foot nothing petite little things lip-liner was taking over her entire face and distracting me from the rest of her beautiful features. I wanted to grab her hand take her into the neatest bathroom and give her a lesson on how to apply and wear liner and lipstick.
This is why I wanted to make sure I give the lip-liner 101 to you all. It is super easy to just blend your liner and lipstick together. It will enhance your lips and not distract from your beauty.

Step one:
Apply lip liner to outline your lip. If you think by going outside you actual lip line will make them appear bigger… You are sooooooo wrong. You will end up looking like BOBO the clown.

Step two:
This step is the secret tool to blending liner and lipstick. Put on your lipstick on horizontal instead of vertical. I use a lipstick brush to make sure I my lips are even. However, either a brush or your actual stick will work great. Just do it like you would brushing your teeth, up and down not side to side.

Step three:
After applying your lipstick HORIZONTAL, Blot your lips and apply your lipstick one more time. It sounds tedious to be  blotting and re-applying. By doing this will help your lipstick last longer on your lips.

Final Step:
Apply lip gloss, MAC glass, or what I use Carmex to give a shine kissable look.

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My Steals & Deals…

This past week I waited in line for an hour in the rain to feast my eyes and shopping fangs on deals at the Alexander Wang sample sale in NYC. When I got to the front of the line I only had 30 minuets inside before they closed the doors for the night. I first found a gorgeous peacock-blue knit jacket that is cut hight in the back. It is oversized and is stunning. I found it on the ground in a pile of rubbish. As I was in line waiting to pay I noticed a cream oversized knit sweater on a rack  alone. I quickly through it over my blouse and it felt like the perfect fit.

Today I decided to go shopping in my closet and pair my new-found items with other things that I already own. Here are my fave outfits,

I paired this Alexander Wang Blazer with a fun floral dress and a striped belt I bought last season at Forever 21. I then decided to keep it casual and pulled out some sandals that I bought at a the cutest  local boutique in he Upper West Side called ShiShi. Keeping my accessories simple I added my new Michael Kors double wrap watch I bought from Net-A-Porter.com. This jacket is very easy to mix and match everything in my closet and it was the a great steal!

Second, I decided to pair my oversized sweater with a floral maxi skirt and chunky heeled sandals. With the skirt being so busy I found a simple pendent to  necklace that I found in my jewelry box that  I got from a local designer in San Francisco Jennifer Tuton. I know this sweater will be a great transition piece in Fall. I know I will get a lot of use from this amazing deal I got.

Sample Sales are one of my fave things to do now that I live in New York. Especially  when they are my fave designers.

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Online Portfolio…

One of my favorite things to do in my spare time is style photo shoots. I wanted to post a few photo shoots that I have  styled over the last year.

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TruChic Style Consulting…

TruChic fashion consulting firm has finally launched it’s website. TruChic Provides the following services in Northern California…

  • Closet-Clean-Out
  • Personal Shopping
  • Special Occasion
  • Private Shopping Parties
  • Much More…

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

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One Sweater Worn Three Way’s

I am starting to create how to videos to make it easier for all of you to start feeling good about getting dressed.

I hope you enjoy it and if you have any questions or concerns about getting dressed, beauty, or fashion tips I am here to help. Just shoot me an e-mail with whatever you need answered at casey@truchicsf.com.

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Robe It Up…

I have discovered from freezing in my San Francisco Apartment that a robe is my new key essential garment to have around this winter. Imagine wrapping up fashionably tight after showers, cold mornings, or nightly baths. You will not regret investing in a Silk, Cotton, Velvet or cashmere wrap around robe that will keep you warm and confident. Just think (God forbid) if for some reason you had to leave your home unexpectedly during the morning or night, you would look fabulous, put together and warm. If you do invest in a robe please stay away from the terry cloth killers. They make any women’s shape look 15 pounds heavier and Not to mention un-flattering to your figure and the new fabulous you.

I found this velvet robe at Nordstrom…


I found these light weight little numbers at Victoria Secret  online…

Victoria Secret

Give me my robe, put on my crown; I have immortal longings in me.-Cleopatra from Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra

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Wearing Colors That Are Right For Your Hair And Skin Tone…

If you’ve just recently dissed your old hair color and opted for a new ‘do, you may not be too familiar with what complements your new locks.  You may also have had that same color for years, or you are all natural; you are just unsure of what colors complement your hair and skin tone the best.  Either way it is good for you to always keep in mind: colors that flatter you never go out of style.  Here are some tips that will help you choose wisely.


Blond Hair With Light Skin:

If you have blond hair with pink in your skin?  You will want to stay away from cherry reds which might make you look even more pink.  Try shades of burgundy or maroon.   Deeper shades as opposed to lighter colors will work best and complement your complexion.  Yellow undertones like mustard and sunshine-yellow will wash you out and may make you look pale.  Deeper golden yellows might be more flattering to your complexion and complement your hair color.  If your skin is losing some of its natural luster, blazing jewel tones are the best way to bring your look back to life.  If you have blue or green eyes, your eyes will pop when you pair them with a  similar-colored blouse,  scarf or t-shirt.


Natural Redheads:

If you are a natural redhead, your complexion is probably closer to ivory with golden or pink undertones, with green, blue  or hazel eyes.  Choose tops and accessories in rich earth tones such as dark olive greens, browns, golds, camel and even orange-reds.  Black is not your best friend, as its harshness makes your face look sallow.  Don’t wear black close to your face; black is okay to wear on skirts and trousers.  Choose brown over black always!  However, don’t worry if you have a black jacket or sweater that you like; you can always brighten it up with a shawl in the colors mentioned above.  Bright red and pink should also be on your do not attempt to wear list.  If you feel you absolutely can’t live without red and pink, just make sure they have coral undertones.


Black And Olive Skin:

Having a darker complexion and hair allows you to be more daring and choose bold, vivid colors.  True white, bluish-reds, royal blue, fuchsia, lemon yellow, hot pink and blue-greens are great contrasts against your skin. Complement black or brown skin with yellow or golden undertones, as well as olive skin with yellow undertones, by choosing bold primary colors.  Black, true gray and navy will make great base colors for your wardrobe.  You want to avoid shades of soft yellow, rose, mauve and soft pastels; they’ll make you appear drab and drain the color from your face.


Brown Hair With  Brown Eyes And Light Skin:

Choose soft earth tones if have brown hair with auburn highlights, dark or golden brown eyes, and golden undertones to your skin.  Look for browns, yellow-based greens, oranges, peaches and light camels.  Grays, navys, taupes and pinks will make you look lifeless.  Choose ivory, apricot, tans, beige, medium browns, violet blues and golden yellows if you have golden brown hair, golden brown eyes, and peach or golden undertones to your skin.  Marine blue and warm grays will work well for you.

Jennifer Connelly

Dark Brown Hair with medium to light skin:
The majority of you with black hair and light eyes have a creamy white complexion.  Consider bold, vibrant primary colors.  Choose blue reds, instead of those with orange bases.  Choose royal blue over other blue tones, and select greens with a blue base.  Black and white also work very well with your coloring.  Yellows, oranges, rusts and all but the darkest of browns will make you look drawn.  Wear icy pastels instead of  soft or heathered pastels.

Try on colors that you’ve determined to be well suited to your coloring.  In the end, it’s a matter of each and every woman’s taste – but as an overall piece of advice, avoid such colors I suggested. Keep your favorite colors but you don’t need to wear any color that does not work with your skin tone.

If you want more advice and shopping help call Casey at TruStyle today and set up a free consultation that will get you feeling good about getting dressed.  (415) 713-TRUE or trustyle@yahoo.com.

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