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Packing Up For A Weekend Away…

Its Monday and Memorial day weekend is days away… What are you going to need without weighing yourself down? When packing for a trip outside the city you need to realize that packing light is the key. It is also important that you make sure you have everything you need for any occasion. This is why I created a list for myself to make sure I cover all my basis for the up-and-coming Holiday weekend.



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Hot Child in the City…

With this being my first offical summer in New york City, I am trying to figure out my “go to”  looks on those hot week days heading into the office. I sometimes question, Is this appropriate?

I work in a very relaxed office filled with creative people. There is a not much of a dress code. However, I like to look put together, polished and professional.

My first look I put together can all be found on Shopbop.com. It is my casual cool look when I dont want to fret or fuss over an outfit.Tailored black shorts, a thin flowey tank with a fun beaded vest is clean and fun but sure to keep me cool. I wear Flat sandals with this outfit cause these are the days that I am running around the studio up on my feet. Just a busy active day.

This next look I put together on Net-A-Porter.com. I am obbsessed with maxi skirts this season. They are just so easy to throw on and go. You still get the since of being dressier but feeling comfortable.

These are just a couple looks that I keep on standby during my course of a work week. Light weight easy items are a must have to get through the East Coast summers.

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Smelling Right By Tonight…

I was walking in one of my favorite department stores this weekend and decided to peruse the fragrance counter. One of the sales girls introduced me to my new best friend this summer.  Prada has out a mix of  blood orange and tuberose infusion perfume.  It is the cleanest scent I have been longing for all summer long. I usually stick to my signature scent that I have been wearing for years. However, I think now is the time to change to  something that is perfect for me to use for the rest of the summer.

My advice is to head to your favorite department store and try Prada’s “Infusion de Tubereuse” for yourself and see if this summer scent is right for you.  If not… Talk to one of the department experts and find your new signature smell. Good Luck and HAPPY SMELLING.

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